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Another Chance Google Adsense Gave Me!

By Fhiel Jay On 7:17 AM Under ,
"If you plant bad seeds it will bear bad fruits." That quote was my lesson I learned when my google adsense account had terminated by google for some bad deeds.

I learned many things after that happen to me. I made a regret of what I did like violating the Terms and Services of Google Adsense. It takes me several months on creating new accounts but nothing happened until I grab this opportunity that google is now allowing me to have a new account on adsense.

I promise to myself that I will my best to not violate their Terms and Services and serve as a loyal and honest publisher. So if you are planning to violate the rules of google, don't try to do it or you might regret it in the long run.

Now, I am glad that I am back but I have to say goodbye to my other blog and will focus on this blog. So please bear with me on this blog because I am now evolving the way my informations delivered to my readers. New blog, new strategy, new techniques, and new information will given to you. Meaning, I am totally reborn.

Please wait to my upcoming updates on how to deal google adsense if your account has been terminated. Please tell your friends about this blog that soon to rise from its failures.

Tell we meet again...