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Google Adsense: The Number 1 Choice To Make Money Online For Beginners

By Fhiel Jay On 8:40 PM Under ,
What is Google Adsense?

According to google itself,
Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted, unobtrusive Google ads on their websites or blogs. AdSense also allows you to provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

You'll earn when users visit your website and click on or view the ads on your pages, depending on the type of ad. Learn more about earning with AdSense.

AdSense is free, so we encourage you to give it a try. If you have a website, and you comply with our program policies and eligibility criteria, just complete our online application.

We'll review your application and follow up with an email within about a week, depending on the volume of applications we receive. If you are accepted into the program, you can sign in to your new account and get the HTML code that will display ads on your webpages.

source :

From the definition stated above, maybe you have now the idea how to earn money online. They say google adsense program is the number 1 program to make money online. So, this is your chance to grab the opportunity.

Have you ever notice why people make a website or blog? Even though they knew that it will consume some time, efforts and maybe a small amount of money from their own pocket, they still doing it? Try to Ask yourself. Why?

That question keeps on bothering me before I discover the opportunity to make money online like blogging. So I decide to do research trying to find the answers of my questions. That time was the start of my journey to discover blogging.

I found out that most of the webmasters and bloggers make money with their blog and website. How do they that? Of course google company made the opportunity to all the bloggers and webmasters to earn money as a prize to their passion and hardwork. I also found out that most of the blogs and websites that have been broadcast to the internet, have an ads like banner ad and text links ad. If you haven't noticed it, try to search a certain website you like and look for a box placed on the side or header of the website that has a name "ads by google". That banner was I am talking about and that also the ads produced by google adsense program.

Why google pays the webmasters on creating blogs or websites?

There are many companies all over the world. Those companies needs to promote their brand names and products through advertising on television, radio, liftlets, posters and now their new choice, the power of the internet.

Advertising such product costs a large amount money especially advertising on televisions and radios. But the internet cost less amount of money having more benefits than on advertising on television and radios.

Internet have a worldwide coverage while televisions and radios are limited. So many online and offline companies prefer to advertise on the internet with the help of some online advertising companies like google as the number 1.

How does google do the advertising?

As I said on the above statement, google made a program called google adsense. This program promoted by google to all the webmasters and blogmasters sharing the revenue if these people will help google to broadcast the ads from a certain client from google. So google are using us bloggers to promote the brand or products from other companies. Why you don't want to join if you want to earn money? This is a good oppotunity to us who have blogs and for those who wants to make a blog, you better join and be one of us.

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