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How to install intense debate comment box on your blogger blog template?

By Fhiel Jay On 8:53 PM Under ,

Maybe you already knew about intense debate system is all about but in case you don't know yet, visit the what is intense debate all about on the link provided. 
There two ways how to install intense debate comment box on your blogspot blogs.
  1. The first one is installing through widget elements on your template editor page on your blog. In which it is easy to install by just copy/paste the given codes on the element widgets and save. The link I've given you above also have the tutorial on this process. But the disadvantage of installing via element widget is that, it will slows down the loading of your CSS and HTML files or codes of your blog.
  2. The second one is installing directly to your template codes. In which you will edit the codes of your template. You might think it's hard to do but don't worry just follow my steps below and it will successfully installed the intense debate comment box. But be sure that you made a back-up first before you do the editing process and you must have an account on intense debate first. If you don't an account yet, please register here.
Now here are the steps.
  1. Log-in to your account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Hover the Site Menu above and click the "add blog/site" on the sub menu.
  3. Enter the URL of your site/blog and click the "Next Step" button.
  4. This page the instruction of the installation process in which you have two choices. But this time will do the installing process through your template. So select the "template" on the left side of the page.
  5. Select "only new post" (Recommended) so that the previous comments of your blog won't be affected.
  6. Open the dashboard of your blogger account and select the blog you want to install the comment box.
  7. Select the "Layout" menu and then the "edit html" sub menu. (This is the time you will do your back-up process.)
  8. Download full template.
  9. Go back to the intense debate page and click the "choose file" button on the left side of the page. Then "upload" the downloaded codes from your blog.
  10. A code will be given to you and all you have to do is replace the current html and css codes of blog template. Copy the given codes and paste it on the css and html page section on your blog and click the "Save" button. Done!
CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed the intense debate comment box on your blog.

Note: If you encountered some difficulties upon installing the comment box, just don't hesitate to contact me via email or post is in the comment section. Thank you.