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What To Do Next After Creating Your Blog?

By Fhiel Jay On 3:49 AM Under ,
Creating a blog on blogger is just a piece of cake upon following those steps provided on the video tutorials. Now, after your blog has been created, what should you do next?

Your blog has now a valuable content on it. And who's gonna read those articles you've created, if no one is visiting your blog?

Your blog needs exposure.

As the person or blogger who manage your blog, your responsibility is to gather people to visit and read your articles or valuable informations inside your blog. You need to drive more traffic to your blog in order to stay alive.

How to drive more traffic to your blog?

Driving traffic to your blog is not an easy task. Since traffic is the blood of your blog, you need those traffic to flow continuously in order to live long. You can follow the steps stated below on gathering traffic.
  1. Join forums
  2. Build relationship with other blogger
  3. Link building
  4. Join Social Media
  5. Do link exchange
  6. Create great content
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What is traffic by the way?

In case you don't know, TRAFFIC is the human who visit your blog pages. I didn't say that you only gather a few visitors to your blog but instead gather as many people as you can in order grab more exposure to stand firm on the blogosphere (it is the world of blogs and bloggers).

What's next after gathering traffic?

If your blog have much traffic, now is the time to monetize it. Earn money from your passion of sharing information on blogspot blogging or any blogging platform you used. You can use the program of google called google adsense to monetize your blog and earn extra income.

Helpful Tips

Keep on updating your blog and add fresh and valuable content on it. People love to visit your blog from time to time that your blog has a great content on it. Do all the information stated above on a routine basis until you master those fundamental steps and master it.

I hope this tips and information filled your needs especially if you are new to blogging field. If you have suggestions and questions, please post it the comment section.

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