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Useful Tips To Boost Your Adsense Earnings?

By Fhiel Jay On 7:29 PM Under
Have you heard the rumors about the effects of the quantity of ad blocks on your blog? They say that, "The less ad blocks you have on your blog, the more chance you earn more money on adsense.

Google Adsense will allow you to put up to three adsense ad blocks on each page of your blog. They will also provide you up to 200 advertisement links to your blog. Most bloggers and webmasters don't block out any websites or blog because most of them are not an Adword Advertisers. 
Most of the high paid keywords will be displayed on the front page of the ad block. Now if you put many adsense ad blocks on your page, you will missed the chance of having the high paid keywords to be displayed and click by your readers or visitors because it will be place on the other ad block of your page. Who knows? Many have already prove this theory and that includes myself.  
The other thing is that experimenting adsense block placements of your blog could also help you boost your adsense earnings. As you can see I only put one adsense ad block which is located above the fold of my blog. And you can easily see my adsense block upon loading my page. Through this process, it will be easy to locate your advertisement links that your visitors might click on it and boom! You have now your money on adsense.

Be aware what are those high paid keywords using google keyword tools. Next post I will show to you how to use google keyword tools and locate those high paid keywords that you must promote on your blog. Make sure that is also related on the niche you covered.

Until next time I hope you enjoy reading this post...