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How to Put Intense Debate Comment Box On Blogger

By Fhiel Jay On 12:44 AM Under

IntenseDebate is the premier commenting system available on the Internet for blogs and websites. IntenseDebate comments enhances and encourages conversation on your blog or website. With IntenseDebate you can give your blog readers the opportunity to better engage your blog's content and each other. ID offers numerous features that makes improves the commenting experience, like our Reply By Email functionality which enables you to reply to and moderate comments via email!

IntenseDebate brings the value of insightful comments back into the light. No longer do you have to sort through an endless maze of sub-par comments and responses. IntenseDebate organizes your comments allowing your readers to express their opinions and thoughts. With IntenseDebate's reputation system and comment voting, you're able to quickly find the worthwhile comments and commenters, while cutting through all of the other nonsense. Subscribe to comments with our RSS readers support. Give your blog an entire new dimension of interaction with IntenseDebate! Read More About Intense Debate Here!

 How to Install Intense Debate Comment Box On Blogger?

First you must have an IntenseDebate account. In case you don't have one, you register an account at After creating an account, please follow the simple simple steps below;
  1. Log in to your IntenseDebate account and go to Dashboard.
  2. Click the Site button and a drop down menu will appear then click the Add Blog/Site button.
  3. Put the URL of your blog or website then press Next Step. An instruction on the left side of the page will appear. It is quite complicated to follow so I suggest to continue follow my steps.
  4. On the first question, select the "Widget" option.
  5. On the second question, select "On All Blog Post" option. You can decide which one you prefer.
  6. On the third question is optional, but you can try it out.
  7. On the Widget Installation process, read and follow the instructions they provide.
  8. On the step number 4, there is a link that stated, "Add widget to my blog"and click that link.
  9. Your blogger account dashboard will appear on the right side of the page. 
  10. Here you can see the Add Widget button. Press that button.
  11. The IntenseDebate comment widget has now install on your blog. But that's not the end of the process.
  12. In this situation, you need to drag the widget below your Blog Post Widget and then save the settings.
Congratulations! You have successfully install the intense debate comment box on your blogger blog. This commenting box have more professional looks than the default comment box provided by blogger. So enjoy commenting other blogs and let's make a conversation.
Tips: You must log-in to your blogger account and intensedebate account first before proceeding to the installation process. Make sure that you made a back up file on your blog template in case something went wrong upon the installation process.

Note: If the installation went wrong, don't hesitate to ask a help from me. Just post it in the comment section. Thank you and until next time.