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About Me and This Blog!

By Fhiel Jay On 7:02 PM
Who is the author of this blog?

Hello everyone! My name is Fhiel Jay Albutra. Gathering and sharing more on basic information about blogging and online marketing over the internet.
I will do my best on updating the content of this blog with easy to understand tutorials and effective tips and informations to make your blogs better and earn money from it. You can contact me at any time if you have some questions or suggestions related to the niche I cover.

My educational background

I spent my elementary grade at North - Molave Regional Pilot School (Now SPED). My secondary years was at the Molave Vocational Technical School (M.V.T.S.) which is the most effective school thoughout Region IX here in the Philippines at my time.

My college days was very crucial because I keep on switching many courses like Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Automotive Technology. And now my mom agreed with me that I will go back to school and asked her partial support for my studies even though I have already a family. This time I will give and do my best on my studies so that my mother and my family will binefit from it.

I never have a background in computer and internet before I started blogging. This blog was created because of my curiosity. I learned how to operate computers and used the internet because of my current job. Maybe your are confuse why I got this internet cafe attendant job. The owner of the cafe where I worked now, is not related to me nor my neighbor. I apply to this job because of my eagerness to earn money to support my family. When I passed my application letter, I wrote my educational background honestly but when he interviewed me, I told him that I am very familiar on using the computer and surfing the internet which was a lie. haha!!! But luckily he accepted my application and got the job. 

When I started blogging?

After 1 year and 8 months of having this job, I discovered blogging and internet marketing. Actually, I made so many blogs in different platforms before but ended to failures, because those times I spent was still on the process of discovering my niche and goal. This was happened last January 2009. My other blog which I focused on updating it last month, covers about Science News and Latest Science Discoveries, and Ways to earn money fast. Which from that blog I learned many things not just in the science field but also in blogging processes. Now I am focusing on this blog trying to help other newbie bloggers and introduced blogging to my friends and relatives.
What is this BLOG about? content is produced by Fhiel Jay Albutra., a blogger from the Philippines. This blog covers about Blogging Guides, Tips, Blogger Tricks and Money Making Online Information and Opportunities. One of the reasons why this blog created, because most of the blogs that are publish in the blogosphere talked about Make Money Online. And most of those bloggers covered the advance tactics or techniques to earn money through their blogs where for the newbie bloggers can't easily understand what they are trying to deliver. 
This blog is more focusing on the Basic and Fundamentals of Blogging Processes to help and guide new blogger to be successful on their blogging goals and dreams, which is delivered in an easy to understand ways.

What benefits you can get from this blog?
  1. You will learn how to set-up a blog in blogger/blogspot platform and don't spent money from doing it.
  2. You will learn the basic fundamental process of driving more traffic to your blog. Meaning from stream traffic to advance traffic gathering information.
  3. This blog will give some basic informations and ideas how to make money online.
  4. I will share to you some of the Blogger useful tricks and tips I knew.
In short, this blog will serve you as one of your blogging information source.

You can contact and see my picture galleries at;

Yahoo Messanger: felix_albutra2000
Personal Email Address:

You can also visit me at my place at Bandera, Dalaon, Molave, Zamboanga del Sur and atmy working place GoldNET Cafe, Morgan Street, Molave.

You might get boring on reading about my topics I may cover on this blog, so I decided to mixed it up with some entertainment articles or videos.

I hope you're enjoying reading my latest updated contents and informations I posted on this blog. Thank you for viewing and reading my posts. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

For all my visitors, readers, friends and subscribers, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Good luck to all your Blogging and Online Marketing efforts and God Bless. See you in my latest post which is located at the Home page of this blog. Bye bye for now and see you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Fhiel Jay - Blogger Guidez